Gary Cohn | An American business leader and the former Director of the U.S. National Economic Council

Reuters — Covid-19: Further on up the road

As we push money through the banking system to support those in need, we must manage conduct risk carefully. We can’t allow a public health and economic crisis to become a moral crisis as well. A host of bank misconduct scandals on the other side of this would...

CNN Erin Burnett Out Front

Gary Cohn on reopening the economy, he says avoiding a major Covid-19 relapse is most important. Gary Cohn joins Erin Burnett to discuss the COVID-19 economic response and how to plan for reopening the U.S. economy. Watch the video of Gary Cohn speaking...

NBC Nightly News Breaking news

As COVID-19 forces the American consumer to stay home, Gary Cohn emphasizes the need to help those in the service industry who can’t work or can’t get paid because there are no customers coming through the door. Click here to watch the video.